AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 hoursmHEADmasterdec05eba
4 hoursAdd option to disable rounded cornersdec05eba
5 daysManganelo: fix searchdec05eba
7 daysYoutube: support youtube shorts urlsdec05eba
2022-07-26Redirect mangakakalot/broken manganelo links to migrated urldec05eba
2022-07-15Youtube: do not autoplay next if starting qm with youtube url, opening youtub...dec05eba
2022-07-01Mangatown: use referer header for thumbnails to fix permission issuedec05eba
2022-06-27Better clearing of items for fast searchdec05eba
2022-06-27Allow bookmarking manga from creator pagedec05eba
2022-06-19xh: fix thumbnailsdec05eba
2022-06-19Fix submit on async reload page, fix submit on search suggestion page empty textdec05eba
2022-06-19Youtube: ignore broken itag 22 until youtube fixes itdec05eba
2022-06-16Soundcloud: fix title and download link not updating when changing video, fix...dec05eba
2022-06-164chan: show error from server when posting fails (when error is not one of th...dec05eba
2022-05-31Youtube: merge search page and recommended page (show recommended if search f...dec05eba
2022-05-22local-manga fix manga chapter updateddec05eba
2022-05-09fix pronounsMidov
2022-04-11Matrix: fix crash when copying body item with reactions and the other items r...dec05eba
2022-04-114chan: fix thumbnail size changing when going to thread and then viewing an i...dec05eba
2022-04-11Use correct reaction region sizedec05eba
2022-04-11Matrix: test fix crash with reaction rendererdec05eba
2022-04-09Proper reaction wrappingdec05eba
2022-04-09Youtube: fix search, related videos, comments and channel page after youtube ...dec05eba
2022-04-084chan: move replies text to reactions, clear reactions when not visible on sc...dec05eba
2022-04-07Force disable threaded gl optimization to reduce cpu usage (thread optimizati...dec05eba
2022-04-07Fix manganelo and readm: dont use wget, and fix cloudflare bypass download to...dec05eba
2022-04-06Soundcloud: fix client_id extraction (no more &, ends with " instead)dec05eba
2022-04-06Youtube: fix search, channel page, related videos and commentsdec05eba
2022-04-03Make saucenao work when using pantalaimon (doesn't work for encrypted rooms)dec05eba
2022-03-29Reduce youtube response size by disabling pretty jsondec05eba
2022-03-29Youtube: fix age restricted videos (works only for embeddable videos)dec05eba
2022-03-28Attempt to fix focus in video player by waiting until video loads, fix losing...dec05eba
2022-03-24Add youtube.load_progress optiondec05eba
2022-03-14Image scroll view: add first/last image to allow scrolling to previous/next c...dec05eba
2022-03-13Only update watch progress if the video successfully loadsdec05eba
2022-03-13youtube: fix long videos not working (int64_t in video seek), ctrl+r not work...dec05eba
2022-03-13Attempt to fix video player focus, add keys to navigate to previous/next chap...dec05eba
2022-03-11Fix youtube streaming for really long videosdec05eba
2022-03-11youtube video: fix video with redirect not getting content length correctly, ...dec05eba
2022-03-11Youtube downloader: do not make non blockingdec05eba
2022-03-11youtube: use mpv stream_cb instead of proxy serverdec05eba
2022-03-11Fix video player focus (in dwm, it would cause focus spam)dec05eba
2022-03-10Focus video player when focusing the main windowdec05eba
2022-03-09i dont knowdec05eba
2022-03-09youtube proxy: dont make write to client with data blockingdec05eba
2022-03-09Fix compile on clangdec05eba
2022-03-08Save youtube watch progress and resume next time the video is playeddec05eba
2022-03-07Attempt to fix youtube video issue where video stops playing because audio fi...dec05eba
2022-03-06Do not cache local-anime, reseek to anime on progress updatedec05eba