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masterAdd note about nvidia onlydec05eba10 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
10 daysAdd note about nvidia onlyHEADmasterdec05eba
11 daysAdd file container option (mp4, flv, mkv)dec05eba
2022-10-27Re-enable screen-direct, disable h264 forced fallback and use p6 againdec05eba
2022-10-26Hide stream keyguihkx
2022-10-18Attempt to reduce stuttering of videodec05eba
2022-10-16Properly fallback to h264 if hevc is not supported by the gpudec05eba
2022-10-15Fix livestreaming: flv does not properly fallback to h264dec05eba
2022-10-13Add info about PRIMEdec05eba
2022-10-11Use lower preset on older gpus (kepler) and switch to h264 if h265 is not sup...dec05eba
2022-10-11Tune quality again, remove vbrdec05eba