path: root/include/NvFBCLibrary.hpp
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
33 hoursnvfbc patchdec05eba
44 hoursCapture cursor in direct capture mode if supported by the driver (driver vers...dec05eba
6 daysUse better name for quality options to clearify that medium is actually very ...dec05eba
8 daysRemove dependency on glew and glfw, move external files to external directorydec05eba
9 daysLoad cuda at runtime. Include cuda header files inside the projectdec05eba
2022-04-05p5 for highdec05eba
2022-03-24Add screen-direct option for direct NvFBCdec05eba
2022-03-23Readd nvfbc cursor capturedec05eba
2021-07-29Fix video/audio sync when recording displaydec05eba
2021-07-29Fix recording display when a compositor is runningdec05eba
2021-07-29Use direct capture when possibledec05eba
2021-07-23Add option to record a display or all displays. This requires nvfbcdec05eba