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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-05Fix screen recording for certain windows (such as termite)dec05eba
2020-07-03Improve video qualitydec05eba
2020-07-03Change quality, otherwise twitch craps itselfdec05eba
2020-07-01Use ctrl+c instead of closing window to stop recordingdec05eba
2020-06-21Improve quality of lower resolution video, make video smootherdec05eba
2020-06-2132 bit colordec05eba
2020-06-21Fix recording on systems that use 10 bit colorsdec05eba
2020-06-21Add interactive record scriptdec05eba
2020-06-21Add gpl license to filesdec05eba
2020-06-21Add pulseaudio, parse command line argsdec05eba
2020-06-21Add audio supportdec05eba
2020-06-21Fix gl errorsdec05eba
2020-06-21Only redirect the target windowdec05eba
2020-06-21Rename to gpu screen recorderdec05eba
2020-03-31do not crash when resizing windowdec05eba
2020-03-31add debug handlers for x11dec05eba
2020-03-31Fix timestamp and video duration: Add header and trailer to output filedec05eba
2020-03-31Do not trigger resize when window is moveddec05eba
2020-03-31Allow setting container format and fpsdec05eba
2020-03-30output encoded video to stdout instead and add twitch stream scriptdec05eba
2020-03-30format codedec05eba
2020-03-30Fix frame timingdec05eba
2020-03-29Use window resolutiondec05eba
2020-03-28Fix speed being 0.5dec05eba
2020-03-28fully in gpudec05eba