A virtual reality window manager for Linux running X11. Supports "unlimited" virtual monitors. The openvr code is based on Valve's openvr hellovr_opengl sample code: https://github.com/ValveSoftware/openvr/tree/master/samples


Modern virtual reality headsets have high resolution and it's therefore recommended to change X11 dpi to a higher value, for example, add this to your ~/.Xresources file:

Xft.dpi: 240

and xrdb -merge "$HOME/.Xresources" also needs to be added to your ~/.xinitrc file if you dont already have it there.

vrwm can then be launched from ~/.xinitrc, for example add this to the ~/.xinitrc file:

exec vrwm

and run startx from an empty tty. The export QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR=1 line is to make qt applications follow the x11 dpi set in your ~/.Xresources file.


Alt+F1 = reset camera
Alt+F12 = Open rofi application start menu
Alt+Q = Close the focused window
Alt+Mouse move = Move the view left/right

Known issues

Switching tty kills the VR view.
Not all windows show up in vr yet, such as rofi and floating description windows.
Can't move cursor while mouse button is being held down.


Show the window manager inside games by creating the vr window manager as an openvr overlay. The overlay texture will be automatically displayed inside SteamVR in the hmd when displaying settings (pressing the button on the hmd).
Add camera culling.
Automatically set Xft.dpi: 240 at runtime.