path: root/backend/BackendUtils.cpp
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-26Use fork/exec instead of popen. Add Path classdec05eba
2020-07-06Use dll files for mingw, use mingw cmakedec05eba
2020-07-06Use ranges for dependency versiondec05eba
2020-07-06Fix sibs test not including parent library correctlydec05eba
2020-07-06Add cross compilation (mingw-w64 x86_64)dec05eba
2020-07-06Fix sibs not finding test code in subdirs of test dirdec05eba
2020-07-06Fix TODOs, mainly escaping strings for ninjadec05eba
2020-07-06Add support for running zig testsdec05eba
2020-07-06Add c and zig template to sibs build, sibs initdec05eba
2020-07-06Use cflags includes in zig build, ignore sibs-build dir for source filesdec05eba
2020-07-06Add zig support (still primitive)dec05eba
2020-07-06Use ninja library to generate build instead of raw stringdec05eba
2020-07-06Add more c++ file extensionsdec05eba
2018-03-21Add sub projects (should be used with git submodules)dec05eba