path: root/backend/ninja/Ninja.hpp
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-06Fix sibs test not including parent library correctlydec05eba
2020-07-06Use ninja library to generate build instead of raw stringdec05eba
2020-07-06Move compile_commands.json to project root directory, needed for IDEsdec05eba
2018-05-05Build compilation database (clangdb) when compilingdec05eba
2018-03-21Add sub projects (should be used with git submodules)dec05eba
2018-01-26Add git dependenciesdec05eba
2018-01-05Get cflags from pkg config dependencydec05eba
2017-12-31Sibs can now build itself on windowsdec05eba
2017-12-30Merge release_0.1.0 to masterdec05eba
2017-12-30Add support for windows (ugly fast solution)dec05eba
2017-12-28Add support for tests in a package where type is executabledec05eba
2017-12-28Add optimization level option to buildingdec05eba
2017-12-16Modify ninja interface to build after creating build filedec05eba
2017-12-16Add support for sub project (unit tests)dec05eba
2017-12-14Add support for dynamic libraries (shared objects)dec05eba
2017-12-13Change linking order for pkg-configdec05eba
2017-12-10Do not build dependency as library if it's header only librarydec05eba
2017-12-10Add support for recursive global lib dependenciesdec05eba
2017-12-10Add support for dependencies in global lib dirdec05eba
2017-12-09Add project compilation after ninja file is createddec05eba
2017-12-09Add support for dependencies (including version check)dec05eba
2017-12-09Added ninja backend, very simple project worksdec05eba