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2020-07-06Fix cmake build library dependency orderdec05eba
2020-07-06Add error_on_warning option to allow turning compiler warnings to errorsdec05eba
2020-07-06use O3 instead of O2dec05eba
2020-07-06Compile cmake sub project as cmakedec05eba
2020-07-06Use full path for source files in ninja, to make file links work with vscode ...dec05eba
2020-07-06Remove compdb dependencydec05eba
2020-07-06Remove fortify source, it can only be used for optimized builds anywaysdec05eba
2020-07-06Temporary remove compdb check. Is compdb really needed?dec05eba
2020-07-06Fix rpath for dynamic library dependencies for tests, cleanup empty rpath libdec05eba
2020-07-06Add leak sanitizerdec05eba
2020-07-06Add include path for openbsd and other systems with similar structuredec05eba
2020-07-06Add project cflags to testdec05eba
2020-07-06Temporary always build binariesdec05eba
2020-07-06Move build files into platform specific locationdec05eba
2020-07-06Fix build for windows and mingwdec05eba
2020-07-06Use dll files for mingw, use mingw cmakedec05eba
2020-07-06Store dependencies in different directories depending on target platformdec05eba
2020-07-06Add support for emscripten, fix compdb for testsdec05eba
2020-07-06Use system specific extension for generated filesdec05eba
2020-07-06Add cygwin supportdec05eba
2020-07-06Fix system libraries wrong order mingwdec05eba
2020-07-06Add more include paths for msvcdec05eba
2020-07-06Fix build for windows, release new windows builddec05eba
2020-07-06Replace Og with O0 -g3, compatible with emscriptendec05eba
2020-07-06Allow using CC and CXX to overwrite compilerdec05eba
2020-07-06Fix dep file not used because of wrong pathdec05eba
2020-07-06Use ranges for dependency versiondec05eba
2020-07-06Fix defines no setdec05eba
2020-07-06Build non-lib files with fpic as well (fixes qt build)dec05eba
2020-07-06Add cflag include headers to parent projectdec05eba
2020-07-06Fix tests when main project has only header filesdec05eba
2020-07-06Define win macro on mingwdec05eba
2020-07-06Add posix as a platform, remove zig from compile_commands.jsondec05eba
2020-07-06Fix sibs test not including parent library correctlydec05eba
2020-07-06Use compdb tool to include header files in compile_commands.jsondec05eba
2020-07-06Fix sibs builds for haikudec05eba
2020-07-06Fix for windows & mingwdec05eba
2020-07-06Add cross compilation (mingw-w64 x86_64)dec05eba
2020-07-06Fix bundle for non system librariesdec05eba
2020-07-06Testing static linking on linuxdec05eba
2020-07-06Strip release executable when using gcc/clangdec05eba
2020-07-06Add missing static flag for packaging, do not use --library c when packaging ...dec05eba
2020-07-06Do not propagate static link flags to parent, also do not use for zigdec05eba
2020-07-06Add sibs package commanddec05eba
2020-07-06Fix build for windows, update sibs binarydec05eba
2020-07-06Fix sibs not finding test code in subdirs of test dirdec05eba
2020-07-06Add OpenBSD supportCharlie Root
2020-07-06Add support for macosdec05eba
2020-07-06Fix build for linuxdec05eba