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2020-07-06Fix version range not ending at next major version when not defining enddec05eba
2020-07-06Use ranges for dependency versiondec05eba
2020-07-06Fix sibs test not including parent library correctlydec05eba
2020-07-06Fix sibs not finding test code in subdirs of test dirdec05eba
2020-07-06Fix TODOs, mainly escaping strings for ninjadec05eba
2018-04-29Change sibs cache directory to standard one, remove library archive when it h...dec05eba
2018-01-26Add git dependenciesdec05eba
2018-01-11Start with config object types, for git dependenciesdec05eba
2018-01-06Add define.static, define.dynamicdec05eba
2018-01-03Add "sibs test" command. Tests are only run when that command is invokeddec05eba
2018-01-02Fix bug when using config for several platforms in one projectdec05eba
2018-01-02Add support for cmakedec05eba
2018-01-01Add support for comments in config filedec05eba
2018-01-01Add config parsing for cmakedec05eba
2018-01-01Fail build if project.conf contains invalid object or fielddec05eba
2018-01-01Add unit test for package.platformsdec05eba
2017-12-31Sibs can now build itself on windowsdec05eba
2017-12-30Fix compile error for non windows builddec05eba
2017-12-29Add parse config testdec05eba
2017-12-28Add support for tests in a package where type is executabledec05eba