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masterUpdate readme about flatpakdec05eba10 days
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10 daysUpdate readme about flatpakHEADmasterdec05eba
2023-05-22Attempt to fix nvidia driver bug at program exit (freeze) by exit without atexitdec05eba
2023-05-18Use av_packet_alloc instead of deprecated memset on packet sizedec05eba
2023-05-17Disable error on warning because of possible ffmpeg deprecated warningdec05eba
2023-05-17Readd opus tododec05eba
2023-05-17Cleanup readme how to use sectiondec05eba
2023-05-17Fix all warningsdec05eba
2023-05-14Remove unecessary includedec05eba
2023-05-12kms_vaapi: fix regression, screen rotation not working when capturing screendec05eba
2023-05-12kms_vaapi: support multiple drm planes (fixes capture on some multi monitor s...dec05eba