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masterFix possible pulseaudio crash?dec05eba92 min.
AgeCommit messageAuthor
92 min.Fix possible pulseaudio crash?HEADmasterdec05eba
34 hoursmdec05eba
34 hoursnvfbc patchdec05eba
36 hoursLive stream: set gop to fps*2, bit rate for medium to lower valuedec05eba
36 hoursTemporary disable screen-direct recording as it causes stuttering (nvfbc bug?)dec05eba
37 hoursStupid mistake. Old /usr/local/bin/gpu-screen-recorder overwrites /usr/bin/gp...dec05eba
37 hoursLivestream: add silent audio track if not audio input is provided (fixes yout...dec05eba
38 hoursAdd medium and high quality, better livestreaming options, fix global header ...dec05eba
45 hoursCapture cursor in direct capture mode if supported by the driver (driver vers...dec05eba
45 hoursAdd info about flatpak package, default to h264 (unless resolution is greater...dec05eba