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masterRemove fps limitdec05eba6 weeks
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2022-05-15Remove fps limitHEADmasterdec05eba
2022-04-26Update README with info about nvfbc being slowerdec05eba
2022-04-14Add more performance comparisondec05eba
2022-04-14Add more performance comparisondec05eba
2022-04-09Show correct original fps in mediainfodec05eba
2022-04-07Improve quality, especially when using h264. Force disable h264 for now becau...dec05eba
2022-04-06Reduce bitrate. It was way too highdec05eba
2022-04-05p5 for highdec05eba
2022-04-05Remove unecessary cuda memcpy when using nvfbcdec05eba
2022-03-31Better detection of window destroyeddec05eba