AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
7 hoursAdd -sc argument to specify a script that runs on the saved video fileHEADmasterdec05eba
27 hourstestdec05eba
48 hoursCreate one audio frame for each audio device (instead of having one for all m...dec05eba
3 daysdebug.sh -> debug-install.shdec05eba
3 daysAdd debug install scriptdec05eba
5 daysFix build on 32-bit systemsdec05eba
6 daysh264 vaapi quality 5dec05eba
8 daysRemove mention of nixos package being out of datedec05eba
10 daysRemove old tododec05eba
10 dayssigkill kms serverdec05eba
10 daysclose socketpair before sigintdec05eba
10 daysKill kms server instead of sigint, fixes being stuck with pkexecdec05eba
10 daysProperly send socketpair fd to kms serverdec05eba
10 daysSupport nvidia wayland bit depth over 8 bit (fixes incorrect colors on some s...dec05eba
11 daysInfo about live streamingdec05eba
11 daysMake amd/intel nvidia/wayland capture display match x11 connector name, allow...dec05eba
14 daysUse global_quality for av1, fixes quality options for av1, fine tune quality ...dec05eba
2023-11-12kms client/server: replace unix domain socket file with socketpair after conn...dec05eba
2023-11-11Readme, info about old nvidia gpusdec05eba
2023-11-11Add experimental av1 support (only tested on amd)dec05eba
2023-11-07Dont enumerate audio devices if no audio input is specifieddec05eba
2023-11-05Update usage info about screen direct optiondec05eba
2023-10-313 sec extra for replaydec05eba
2023-10-31Revert "Try re-enabling use of modified in linux dma buf ext egl create image"dec05eba
2023-10-31Revert temp modifier testdec05eba
2023-10-31Modified hack testdec05eba
2023-10-31Try re-enabling use of modified in linux dma buf ext egl create imagedec05eba
2023-10-27Dont include unused drm_fourcc.h, include missing unistd.h for _exitdec05eba
2023-10-22Dont forcefully set drm fourcc to argb8888, fixes kde wayland where default i...dec05eba
2023-10-22Fix vram leak for realsdec05eba
2023-10-21Update TODOdec05eba
2023-10-21Attempt to fix amd/intel driver bug vram leak, force cfr when livestreaming, ...dec05eba
2023-10-15-mk > -mf in systemd service filedec05eba
2023-10-15Install systemd service in install script, skip empty audio devicedec05eba
2023-10-15Add the ability to save replays into folders by date4censord
2023-10-08Attempt to fix vram leak(?)dec05eba
2023-10-08Remove /usr/local.. from install/uninstalldec05eba
2023-10-07Improve dependencies section in readmedec05eba
2023-10-04README replay on startup sectiondec05eba
2023-10-01Issues readme sectiondec05eba
2023-10-01Update readme with info about replay path stdoutdec05eba
2023-10-01fflush after puts to fix piping replay pathdec05eba
2023-09-29Remove unused cursor codedec05eba
2023-09-27Use correct offset for kms_vaapi monitordec05eba
2023-09-20Install: apply setcap after installdec05eba
2023-09-18egl es -> egldec05eba