AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
13 daysChange formatHEADmasterdec05eba
2021-09-08Update readmedec05eba
2021-09-07Use interleaved writedec05eba
2021-07-29Fix video/audio sync when recording displaydec05eba
2021-07-29Fix recording display when a compositor is runningdec05eba
2021-07-29Use direct capture when possibledec05eba
2021-07-23only use hevc when recording the entire screendec05eba
2021-07-23Add option to record a display or all displays. This requires nvfbcdec05eba
2021-07-19Fix first frame being blackdec05eba
2020-11-24Update libpulse versiondec05eba
2020-09-01Add medium quality and set quality to medium by defaultdec05eba
2020-08-31Add medium qualitydec05eba
2020-08-31Fix black video when resizing to smaller window sizedec05eba
2020-08-31Revert select code. Causes laggy video for some reasondec05eba
2020-08-31Attempt to reduce frame skipdec05eba
2020-08-31Change qmin and qmax again. They are too lowdec05eba
2020-08-31Use select on x11 display instead of sleeping and use xdamage againdec05eba
2020-08-30Use rgb instead of rgba to save memorydec05eba
2020-08-30Disable unused mipmapdec05eba
2020-08-30Go all out on quality..dec05eba
2020-08-30Set ideal qmax valuedec05eba
2020-08-30Higher quality for 'high'dec05eba
2020-08-30Add -q quality flag. Set to high by default. Valid values: high, ultradec05eba
2020-08-30Slightly improve performance by only swapping buffer on redrawdec05eba
2020-08-30interactive.sh is a bash scriptdec05eba
2020-08-29Add script for streaming while saving a local copy of the videodec05eba
2020-08-29Vastly improve quality by using qmin and qmax (uses higher bitrate)dec05eba
2020-08-28Remove dependency on alsa in project.confdec05eba
2020-08-28Add TODO black screendec05eba
2020-08-28Add nvidia-like instant replay optiondec05eba
2020-08-27Make audio optional in usage stringdec05eba
2020-08-26Update readmedec05eba
2020-08-26Make audio recording optionaldec05eba
2020-07-05Fix screen recording for certain windows (such as termite)dec05eba
2020-07-03Improve video qualitydec05eba
2020-07-03Change quality, otherwise twitch craps itselfdec05eba
2020-07-01Use ctrl+c instead of closing window to stop recordingdec05eba
2020-06-21Improve quality of lower resolution video, make video smootherdec05eba
2020-06-21Add FAQdec05eba
2020-06-21Remove unused glx dependencydec05eba
2020-06-2132 bit colordec05eba
2020-06-21Fix recording on systems that use 10 bit colorsdec05eba
2020-06-21Update readmedec05eba
2020-06-21Add interactive record scriptdec05eba
2020-06-21Add gpl license to filesdec05eba
2020-06-21Add demo, update exampledec05eba
2020-06-21Update readmedec05eba
2020-06-21Add pulseaudio, parse command line argsdec05eba