AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
33 min.Fix possible pulseaudio crash?HEADmasterdec05eba
33 hoursmdec05eba
33 hoursnvfbc patchdec05eba
35 hoursLive stream: set gop to fps*2, bit rate for medium to lower valuedec05eba
35 hoursTemporary disable screen-direct recording as it causes stuttering (nvfbc bug?)dec05eba
36 hoursStupid mistake. Old /usr/local/bin/gpu-screen-recorder overwrites /usr/bin/gp...dec05eba
36 hoursLivestream: add silent audio track if not audio input is provided (fixes yout...dec05eba
37 hoursAdd medium and high quality, better livestreaming options, fix global header ...dec05eba
44 hoursCapture cursor in direct capture mode if supported by the driver (driver vers...dec05eba
44 hoursAdd info about flatpak package, default to h264 (unless resolution is greater...dec05eba
2 daysRevert gop sizedec05eba
3 daysDo not set keyint mindec05eba
3 daysSacrifice seek speed for reduced file sizedec05eba
3 daysAdd install script for non ubuntu / (arch) distrosdec05eba
4 daysMake the audio input description the input name by defaultdec05eba
4 daysAllow giving audio inputs names by prefixing them with <name>/dec05eba
4 daysAdd unique index to each audio input device namedec05eba
5 daysGive error when using an invalid audio input with pipewiredec05eba
5 daysGive each audio input a seperate node by giving them an unique context namedec05eba
5 daysRemove allowing only 1 process of gpu-screen-recorder at a timedec05eba
6 daysRemove cuda.hdec05eba
6 daysUse better name for quality options to clearify that medium is actually very ...dec05eba
8 daysRemove dependency on glew and glfw, move external files to external directorydec05eba
9 daysRevert ubuntu package cudadec05eba
9 daysLoad libcuda.so.1 if libcuda.so is missingdec05eba
9 daysUpdate flatpak infodec05eba
9 daysLoad cuda at runtime. Include cuda header files inside the projectdec05eba
13 daysRead audio data from pulseaudio as it's available and buffer it. Fixes audio ...dec05eba
14 daysFix build for older version of ffmpeg (linux mint 20.3 for example)dec05eba
2022-09-21Fix build on older ffmpeg (17+ months old), see ffmpeg commit ef6a9e5e311f09f...dec05eba
2022-09-20Is this the final solution to the audio crackling problem? increase pts by nu...dec05eba
2022-09-20Do not allocate cuda buffer when using nvfbcdec05eba
2022-09-20Fix build on ubuntu, use a mainloop with timeout instead of sleepdec05eba
2022-09-20Fix replay video/audio desync, fix dummy audio when dropping audio input, giv...dec05eba
2022-09-19Fix build on some distros?dec05eba
2022-09-19Move scripts to script dir, add youtube-hls-stream script, fix twitch stream ...dec05eba
2022-09-18GNOME: fix recording windows with client-side decorations by recording the co...dec05eba
2022-09-17Attempt to fix video/audio desync when video pts gets desynced with clockdec05eba
2022-09-12Make compatbie with old ass ubuntudec05eba
2022-09-11Fix build for old ffmpeg (ubuntu, pop os lts)dec05eba
2022-09-06Fix crackling audio with pipewire and only add empty audio packets until the ...dec05eba
2022-09-02Update: video is no longer variable frameratedec05eba
2022-09-02Make video framerate constant, fix audio desync a bit when no audio playing f...dec05eba
2022-08-23Add option to use multiple audio inputs (each in their own audio track)dec05eba
2022-08-06Fix audio recording with pipewire and with different pulseaudio system settin...dec05eba
2022-07-29Revert "Revert "Use expose instead of visibility event""dec05eba
2022-07-27Add note about broken vlc/kdenlivedec05eba
2022-07-25Revert "Use expose instead of visibility event"dec05eba
2022-07-24Add info about flatpakdec05eba
2022-07-18Use expose instead of visibility eventdec05eba