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34 hoursmdec05eba
35 hoursTemporary disable screen-direct recording as it causes stuttering (nvfbc bug?)dec05eba
44 hoursCapture cursor in direct capture mode if supported by the driver (driver vers...dec05eba
45 hoursAdd info about flatpak package, default to h264 (unless resolution is greater...dec05eba
3 daysSacrifice seek speed for reduced file sizedec05eba
4 daysAdd install script for non ubuntu / (arch) distrosdec05eba
5 daysGive error when using an invalid audio input with pipewiredec05eba
8 daysRemove dependency on glew and glfw, move external files to external directorydec05eba
10 daysUpdate flatpak infodec05eba
10 daysLoad cuda at runtime. Include cuda header files inside the projectdec05eba
2022-09-19Move scripts to script dir, add youtube-hls-stream script, fix twitch stream ...dec05eba
2022-09-18GNOME: fix recording windows with client-side decorations by recording the co...dec05eba
2022-09-17Attempt to fix video/audio desync when video pts gets desynced with clockdec05eba
2022-09-02Update: video is no longer variable frameratedec05eba
2022-08-23Add option to use multiple audio inputs (each in their own audio track)dec05eba
2022-07-27Add note about broken vlc/kdenlivedec05eba
2022-07-24Add info about flatpakdec05eba
2022-07-07Update README with correct info on PRIMEASOwnerYT
2022-04-26Update README with info about nvfbc being slowerdec05eba
2022-04-14Add more performance comparisondec05eba
2022-04-14Add more performance comparisondec05eba
2022-04-07Improve quality, especially when using h264. Force disable h264 for now becau...dec05eba
2022-03-25Redesign replay to save to file and continue on SIGUSR1dec05eba
2022-03-24Add screen-direct option for direct NvFBCdec05eba
2022-03-23Readd nvfbc cursor capturedec05eba
2022-03-23Add info about PRIMEdec05eba
2022-03-22Add -s option to set record area size, fix workspace switch freezing recordin...dec05eba
2022-03-22More compositor infodec05eba
2022-03-22Add note about gtk csddec05eba
2022-03-22Add install script for ubuntu based distrosdec05eba
2022-03-22Use /usr/lib64 instead of /usr/lib, which makes it compatible with gentoodec05eba
2022-01-30Add full list of dependencies in READMEdec05eba
2022-01-30Remove dependency on sibs for buildingdec05eba
2021-11-14Update readme with info about nvlaxdec05eba
2021-10-30Update readme with info about nvfbcdec05eba
2021-09-08Update readmedec05eba
2021-07-23Add option to record a display or all displays. This requires nvfbcdec05eba
2020-08-31Fix black video when resizing to smaller window sizedec05eba
2020-08-31Revert select code. Causes laggy video for some reasondec05eba
2020-08-31Change qmin and qmax again. They are too lowdec05eba
2020-08-29Add script for streaming while saving a local copy of the videodec05eba
2020-08-28Add TODO black screendec05eba
2020-08-28Add nvidia-like instant replay optiondec05eba
2020-08-26Update readmedec05eba
2020-08-26Make audio recording optionaldec05eba
2020-07-01Use ctrl+c instead of closing window to stop recordingdec05eba
2020-06-21Improve quality of lower resolution video, make video smootherdec05eba
2020-06-21Add FAQdec05eba
2020-06-21Update readmedec05eba