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16 hoursMake sure region size for focused window is divisable by 2HEADmasterdec05eba
19 hoursInstall coolbits if using nvidia, add preserve video memory install scriptdec05eba
4 daysBetter usage formattingdec05eba
5 daysAdd code for variable frameratedec05eba
5 daysRemove yuv444 for nowdec05eba
5 daysMove video encoding to separate thread, remove pixel_format that doesn't do a...dec05eba
5 daysAdd pixfmt yuv420p/yuv444p option to set lossless colordec05eba
5 daysRemove unused and invalid flagsdec05eba
5 daysRemove unused codedec05eba
8 daysDo not automatically install coolbits because if used on amd/intel then xorg ...dec05eba
10 daysAdd error message if using wayland (without xwayland) or xwaylanddec05eba
2023-03-17Update readmedec05eba
2023-03-17Add overclocking option -oc to workaround a NVIDIA driver bug (forcefully set...dec05eba
2023-03-17vaapi wipSteam Deck User
2023-03-10Fix for ffmpeg 6 (nvenc hevc doesn't support b frames)dec05eba
2023-03-04Support opus flt and fltpdec05eba
2023-03-04Enable experimental support to make sure opus/flac works on older ffmpeg vers...dec05eba
2023-03-04Improve usage doc for -acdec05eba
2023-03-04Add opus/flac audio options (only supported my mp4/mkv)dec05eba
2023-03-04Add screen-direct-force option for VRR monitordec05eba
2023-02-22Fix broken video because of broken audio, most noticably in replaydec05eba
2023-02-19Fix follow focused for the first window and when switching from/to invalid wi...dec05eba
2023-02-16Add option to merge audio devices by separating audio inputs with | in one -adec05eba
2023-01-18Fix crash on error: dont do av_buffer_unref on frame contex because device_ct...dec05eba
2023-01-07Add info about audio names to readme filedec05eba
2022-12-20Merge code fixdec05eba
2022-12-20Make -c optional, select container format from file extension by defaultdec05eba
2022-12-20Better audio/video sync, disable broken screen-direct again (nvidia driver bug)dec05eba
2022-12-20Re-enable screen-direct, disable h264 forced fallback and use p6 againdec05eba
2022-12-20Attempt to reduce stuttering of videodec05eba
2022-12-20follow focuseddec05eba
2022-11-30wip inteldec05eba
2022-10-16Refactor xcomposite into abstract capture apidec05eba
2022-10-14Refactor nvfbc into abstract capture apidec05eba
2022-10-12Use medium instead of p4 and slow instead of p7 for old ffmpegdec05eba
2022-10-12Do not use p4, p7 with old ffmpeg that doesn't have those options yetdec05eba
2022-10-11Use p4 preset on older gpus (kepler family) because of performancedec05eba
2022-10-11Tune quality again, remove vbrdec05eba
2022-10-08Better tune quality options for different resolutionsdec05eba
2022-10-07Fix crash caused by invalid memory write when recording audiodec05eba
2022-10-06Fix copy paste mistake possible crash (using av_opt_set instead of av_dict_set)dec05eba
2022-10-05Fix possible pulseaudio crash?dec05eba
2022-10-04Live stream: set gop to fps*2, bit rate for medium to lower valuedec05eba
2022-10-04Temporary disable screen-direct recording as it causes stuttering (nvfbc bug?)dec05eba
2022-10-04Livestream: add silent audio track if not audio input is provided (fixes yout...dec05eba
2022-10-04Add medium and high quality, better livestreaming options, fix global header ...dec05eba
2022-10-03Add info about flatpak package, default to h264 (unless resolution is greater...dec05eba